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I love the concept -- very clever -- but I'm not sure how many people want to do this and how common the use case is for that audience. This feels like a feature that should be built into Buffer (I'm sure they've considered adding this functionality). cc @joelgascoigne
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@rrhoover @joelgascoigne I wish they had this feature, then we wouldn't have had to build it :) Was a fun hackathon project to work on though and we have additional idea to grow the product outside of just being a feature other applications should have.
@rrhoover true. I've been using it since last weekend for some important tweets and the response rate to those tweets has increased. :)
@rrhoover It certainly would be a great new feature for Buffer - and I've already paid for that, so I'd prefer it to be there :-) Very intriguing idea.
@mattnavarra it's pretty neat. Imagine if they continue to perfect it more. I'm thinking brands might like it? πŸ‘πŸ˜‚
@geeky_yang Thanks for your constant support!
Awesome idea @mubashariqbal and @sethlouey! Big Buffer user myself, I totally have instances where I'd want to queue up replies to go out at those optimal moments. Love this! :) A cool example of this in use (beyond reaching out to a user) could be how brands engage one another on Twitter, maybe with strategic responses or as interesting dual campaigns. I'm sure you're seeing a ton of interesting applications of this already. Love your approach to frame this as a paid-only product - no better way to validate product/market fit :) Any thoughts on rolling out a freemium-type service? I know Buffer has had great success in the with past tiering access and connecting users with the value prop through usage, I'm wondering if that could be a great way to take advantage of the PH traffic :) Love this! Super happy to brainstorm with you too :)
@marc_rosa Thanks Marc! Would love to chat sometime and get more of your thoughts: mubs-@-whenactive.com Very excited about the potential uses for When Active, already people have suggested many uses I had not thought off. We went back and forth about a free tier, and since we're bootstrapping the server costs would have made it prohibitive with any significant growth. However we will revisit this as we add more features to the product.
@mubashariqbal love it! Maybe we can find each other in the Maker Hunt Slack chat?! I'm at marcrosa, see you there! :)
Thanks @marc_rosa for the kind words. We are always looking to brainstorm and build cool products. I've seen some great responses from using When Active to queue up tweets for those optimal moments. The service has been working better than we expected and we are definitely looking forward to seeing what's next. Hopefully we can chat soon. :)
Thank you @erictwillis for hunting When Active. Mubs and I are super excited to see where this service goes. When Active is an idea that Mubs came up with over 6+ months ago and I had the pleasure of working on the product design at Hack Upstate (a Syracuse based hackathon) last weekend. We built When Active in a short 24 hour period and after some feedback, it's live. What's the point of tweeting when your audience isn't active on twitter. When Active is a unique service that allows you to queue up tweets and when your targeted user becomes active on twitter, When Active fires off the tweet. This creates more chances that your tweet will be read and won't get buried in an active twitter stream.
@sethlouey Great work guys! I love seeing hackathon products continue on to launch!
Hey @sethlouey, love the idea. Sounds like Buffer on steroids :) How do you determine if a user is active? Does the targeted user need to tweet?
@zedpelin Thanks Philipp! Tweeting, favoriting, and RT'ing. :)
@sethlouey Awesome, thanks. I'll definitely give it a shot.
@zedpelin hope everyone gives it a shot. :D
How does this differ from tools like SocialFlow which monitor active users before it sends a tweet you 'optimize'? Also, i would like to try it out, but not ken on handing over my CC details to do so.
@mattnavarra Haven't used SocialFlow, but When Active targets individual users and will automatically send your custom tweet when it identifies that user is active. We've found it's a great way to increase engagement, and get conversations started with people you're trying to connect with or reconnect with. Shoot me an email mubs-@-whenactive.com and we'll see about getting you a trial account setup.
@mubashariqbal Thanks. Will do. However, the core feature and how it's executed does not sound new or different to a few tools that do this already.
@mattnavarra fair enough when I researched back when I had the idea didn't find anyone that did this. Guess this might have changed πŸ˜•