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I read about you guys being in YC! Such an interesting concept. We thought about doing this with our sushi restaurant back in the day but realized it makes much more sense with coffee/ice cream. @tomasmazetti @mariadelacroixx tell us more! 1) how the hell did you come up with this 2) You've sold over 100 of them, how well do they perform?
Hi Shaan. Thanks. 1. We asked ourselves two questions. What is the product with the highest markup? Coffee! How can we sell that with as little overheads as possible? 2. It varies a lot. In a a big western city a Wheelys would make a profit of perhaps $ 250 in an 8 hour day. In a small city in Tunisia the same Wheelys would make a profit of $ 40.
@tomasmazetti Awesome. Are you planning to bring it to India?
@tomasmazetti Hey Tomas do you want to come on Blab (http://blab.im) & talk about the wheely's story with more people?
LOVE IT! The best is that someone can take their passion into their own hands and start making money and putting smiles on faces instantly. Completely removing the barrier to entry :)
Thanks Matthew. Actually, thats the whole idea, right there. Starting a café is a dream for many (young) people, but rent and costs has spiralled in the big cities making it almost impossible. Opening a Starbucks would cost $ 500 000. Who has $ 500 000? Opening a Wheelys costs $ 3000. You'll not only earn a living, you get friends, great exercise (we wondered how to frame this) and can focus on brewing coffee instead of 200 utility bills, branding and interior design.
I love the video!