Send personalized mass WhatsApp messages

#4 Product of the DaySeptember 04, 2019
Send customized messages in 4 steps:
1. Write your message
2. Select your contacts
3. Preview
4. Send each message

WhatsBlast is perfect for marketing and communication on WhatsApp.
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Hello people πŸ‘‹! When I was a student I used a lot group bulk messages to invite my friends for a party or a dinner. After lot of trial and error I noticed that a customized message with their name on it got a lot more answers than just a generic invitation message. That is why I built recently the app TextBlast, a bulk customize SMS app. However, nowadays people are using more and more WhatsApp instead of the traditional SMS. That is why I am proudly releasing today WhatsBlast. WhatsBlast helps you to send personalized mass messages easily using your friend's name (with the option of editing before sending). It will take you 5 minutes instead of 5 hours ! I hope you like it and also helps you to save some time WhatsBlast is perfect for marketing and communication campaigns on WhatsApp ! *Note that it's not 100% automated, WhatsBlast prepares and prefils your messages for each contact, but you will still have to press the sending button Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―
@sandochee The fact that it's not 100% automated makes it really useful and prevents people from spamming. So the 'bug' is probably a feature for you, and you should be positioning it as such. :)
@kanad_bahalkar Nice perspective !
Very good update from TextBlast! I know in countries like France where SMS were free and unlimited everyone was (and is still) using the traditional SMS, but for example in Spain we only use WhatsApp. It's the most popular messaging app in the world, this is a good move!! 😊 good work!
@patricia_mayo1 Thanks, yes I still use TextBlast a lot more than WhatsBlast
Very nice product! I will test it today and let you guys know. I see a lot of potential! Congrats!
Wow! Nice! I tested it. Things I would add is the search functionality when creating groups. Everything else is top!
@carlos_bernabeu Good idea! I also heard the same from my testers!
Cool idea. Was really psyched up to test it. My experience - 1. The app lets me create the group with 0 contacts 2. I was not allowed to edit the contact group to add contacts 3. I could not send the message as the group did not have contacts 4. I could not add another contact group without upgrading, so I was in a deadlock 5. Finally, I cleared the app data and it worked. The app probably needs more testing and it would be nice if it had a feature to search contacts. Good start, but hoping to see a better version of it.
@jitesh_dugar Hi, the key "secret" solution is to long press on your group. I used a material design pattern on both Android and iOS and it was a very bad idea apparently.
@jitesh_dugar Thanks for your feedback, I'll work on it!
I wish it could send the message automatically instead of having to manually send each one. But I like the concept.
@imreesh Thanks, it's due to technical limitation. Also full automation is prohibited and sanctionned by WhatsApp apparently!