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A WhatsApp client for web

#2 Product of the DayJanuary 21, 2015
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Scan a QR code with your phone to get in... Seriously? Has anyone tried this? Impressions?
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@rrhoover i don't see iPhone here. Wait is this an official WhatsApp client? Android users how is it? It's a pretty neat way to solve the problem of having a web account with a phone# tethered messaging app despite the dodo-ness of QR codes
@rrhoover No iOS instructions either ... awesome! I always wanted WhatsApp for desktop.
@rrhoover half the world can't try it because iOS :p
@rrhoover Been waiting for a Mac client forever. Web is just as fine too! yay!
@rrhoover Downloading a QR code scanner to try it out :)
Telegram already has web and desktop clinets without the QR code.
I can't belive that a company like WhatsApp can't build a better web app. iOS isn't compatible because of Apple's limitations? Look at Telegram. With an API (that I'm sure that they have) create a web app for ALL browsers and without depending on the mobile app.
I think 90% of non-tech users will not be able to get this running.. have they ever tested this setup procedure with real users=?
After looking a little deeper this is the worst implementation they could have come up with. 1. Your phone must be online. 2. Clumsy QR code auth. 3. No iOS support. 4. Not a native client but Chrome-only. Honestly, what were they thinking?