What would I tweet

Generates tweets for you using Markov bigram probabilities

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I made this back in 2014 when I was still a n00b. There's a lot of funny stuff that comes out of this bot, sometimes it can be offensive. Use at your own risk. Enjoy it, share it and follow me (@KaranGoel). Feedback and criticism welcome.
After generating 20+ tweets, they seem to mostly be sentences from old tweets with the first and last word(s) cut off. I love the idea though!
@soerenes Yeah, I found the same.
@zefareu @soerenes That should be happening if 1. You don't have many tweets (<100) 2. Your tweets are very short 3. You use very few unique words / tweet the same thing multiple times That's one of the limitations of any probability based model.
@karangoel @zefareu @soerenes Felt the same way here. Had a few chuckles, mostly broken half-tweets I recognize. http://twitter.com/iamunr
@karangoel Hmm. I'm getting truncated versions of my original tweets only. I don't think my account hits any of the above conditions though