What will Bitcoin be worth?

The world's largest collection of bitcoin price estimates

What will Bitcoin be worth? is a crowd-sourced collection of crazy and not-so-crazy estimates regarding Bitcoin's future value. You can also sign up for a weekly email of the latest predictions.

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Good Morning Product Hunt people, from Melbourne. Firstly, thanks for the immediate upvotes! I put together this little site, as found it painful continuously googling who said what about bitcoin. Now there's a single spot for all the weird, wonderful and possibly accurate future bitcoin predictions. Anyone can submit a future forecast, and I hope to use the data to produce some interest visual representations (welcome help on this!). Give me a shout with idea's, suggestions and feedback to improve. Cheers, Jay
December's updates all done, now with a lot more 2018 estimates!
Nobody actually knows what happens next. The value of Bitcoins can rise to millions of dollars each or it is the long-awaited collapse already built in... We can only watch predictions , I personally use this resource https://cryptolinks.com/cryptocu...
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