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What to Eat in

Discover what real locals eat all around the world 🌍


Find the favourite foods of locals curated by locals all around the world!

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Content Creator & Marketing

Great idea and the site & content looks and feels good! Two small things I'd do: Making the tags (dinner, snack, beef) into clickable categories. For example, I wanted to check out different kinds of snacks, and see how beef is prepared around the world. And adding a big visible "submit"/"contact" button! The best people to tell you about local food is locals.


High quality articles, good idea, I like the design as well.


Tags aren't clickable, no submissions

Product Lead at Miro

That can be the first thing to check when you land in a country, before looking at Yelp and other platforms.


Amazing resource for travelers and nomads.


There needs to be more countries and details covered in the future.

Cofounder & CEO, Airim

Suggestion: Add a filter for vegan / kosher / gluten-free / vegetarian


Very helpful in planning in foreign trips


Can have more content

Founder of Dish & iOS Developer

I really like the concept of the product and it's very useful for travellers to quickly find out what to eat when they're in a particular country.


✅ Nice simple product and information is presented in digestible chunks.


🤷‍♂️ Autocomplete search would be helpful. 🌍 City-level data would be cool. ⚡️ An API for third-party developers would be awesome!

Product Director, PSafe

i tried to look for a few countries and most of them returned empty pages




basically doesnt work with most of the countries

software developer focused on products
that's a pretty good idea! I love it! Have you thouht how to monetize it?