What Is My Day Rate?

A simple tool to calculate your freelance rate


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Laura Kinnard
Melanie Lajeunesse
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  • Steven Diffey
    Steven DiffeyProduct Programme Manager

    Simple to use.

    Not trying too hard to cross-sell.


    Doesn't account to dividend taxes

    This is ideal for anyone moving into freelancing or for validating your existing dayrate. I think that there's opportunity to extend the functionality to account for taxes.

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  • Rob Tìgeir
    Rob TìgeirThinking good

    Simple, customisable and it explains how the sums work.



    A really simple way to calculate your gross daily/hourly rate dependent on what gross annual income you want.

    Thankfully doesn't try and allow for income tax as that's between you and your state, not you and your client and I'm really not interested in ploughing through questions about my marital status, pension contributions, whether this is my only job, deductibles etc that would be needed to include tax.

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  • Laura Kinnard
    Laura KinnardOwner, Strategist

    Simple to use and the math makes total sense!


    None! Just wish all potential clients understood this logic!

    Great calculator that any entrepreneur should also consider when they are thinking about their time and what it is worth!

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  • Asher Harris
    Asher HarrisMarketing Manager @ BuzzRamp

    Simple, easy to use.



    Love it, I'm adding into my list of tools for financial planning :)

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  • Pros: 

    Simple and straightforward. A great tool to use to get started.


    Not off the top of my head.

    Great breakdown of how the rate is formulated (bonus, benefits, sick/PTO)

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