What If I Dropout

Discover how big you would lose by dropping out

What If I Dropout is a website where you can easily calculate the opportunity cost of dropping out of College. It is the fruit of years of reflexion on education and a way for me to sensibilize people about what is to change to create a more modern school.

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Hey ProductHunters ! I made What If I Dropout because I felt the need to explain not only to close one but also to other students and people in general that the actual college system is not adapted to fit every student entering its doors. I can feel sometimes that school is shaping me in ways I don't want to be shaped, forcing me to be a person I am not and it was important for me to go through this therapy. I hope that this website will make people think about how education can be improved and that some will recognize themselves in what I am describing. I am open to criticism, comments and advice, so feel free to contact me ! Thanks !
@yohan_le_rouzes Cool idea, I'm glad I graduated - according to your model would have missed out on over $3M! Where do you get the data from to calculate opportunity costs? I presume most recent US earnings? Would love to see the source included. Also people talk more and more about the value of networks and how connections open doors - does your model take into account the people you won't meet if you drop out and how that affects future earnings/prospects?
@abadesi Great ! I'll think about linking to the websites I found the statistics on, that would help everyone get more information ! Networking may be difficult to integrate into opportunity cost but I'll do some research and see what I can do. Thank you for the feedback.
Very Dope 🚬🚬🚬 Nice App Love how you are using money to sell people on staying in school. The big thing in tech is to drop out of school. To build the next unicorn πŸ¦„. When you look closer at the people that dropped out to build something amazing. Most of them would have been the top of their class. People such as Zuckerburg πŸ“ž and Ben Franklin πŸ›Ž. Besides getting a degree. Staying in school will help build your network/community. As an entrepreneur building a solid network is harder than building a product. Taking advantage of the networking opportunities school will bring you is constantly undervalued βš–οΈ
@dredurr Yeah networking is very important, a bit difficult to link with opportunity cost as it is related to chance but I’ll definitely add a networking section soon ! Thank you for your comment !