What Color Is It?

See the hex color for every second of the day

#3 Product of the DayDecember 15, 2014
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Would be a crazy screensaver. Like it.
@fotofactorydk Would be a cool 'new tab' browser extension too.
@fotofactorydk I made something like this as an OS X screensaver a while back. Check it out – github.com/connor/hex-clock
@connor Thanks for the hint. Inspirational. Will check it out.
@fotofactorydk http://thecolourclock.co.uk/ - has been my go-to screensaver for years
@fotofactorydk @thomasmeagher Done! Made a New Tab extension for Chrome based on this: https://chrome.google.com/websto...
Another fun, experimental clock: AllTheMinute, a twitter clock that displays tweets mentioning each minute.
I made a couple mobile clones of this about 6 months ago when the original came out (see related links). Unfortunately Apple didn't approve it (for no reason other than they didn't think it was useful or interesting), so it's now open source: iOS: https://github.com/mfkp/HexClock... Android: https://github.com/mfkp/HexClock...
Brilliant! This is sweet.
By any chance, do you know if there's a chrome extension which lets you easily see the hex color for anything you select? (WhatFont for HEX basically)
@tzhongg Not a chrome extension, but I use this tool when I want to find hex colors: http://theolabrothers.com/sip/
@mfkp This looks awesome! Thanks!
@mfkp Cool! I currently use the interestingly-named Frank De Loupe (http://www.jumpzero.com/frank/), but I'll check out Sip too.