Whale 2.0

Video Q&A with your Twitter friends

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Very radical re-design. I like the idea of swiping and rate interesting questions from the community. What I don't like about the new design is that I can't just open the app and browse through videos right away - one aspect of the old version i really enjoyed. Whenever I had some free minutes I scrolled through videos and pods and just started watching. Really miss this functionality. Still 🐳 has a fixed place on my homescreen - keep up the good work πŸ’ͺ
Four months after launching Whale 1.0, the team's back with an entirely new Tinder-inspired take. While the baseline utility is still roughly the same (ask questions of influencers and get video answers), the format is totally different and radically simplified. One of the more interesting notes is about the removal of its in-app contributor currency, "coins": While the old coin model was fun and contributed to bringing people back to the app, we noticed that most content created on the platform was free to consume. We also noticed that some users hoarded coins but never used them to watch videos or ask questions. Overall, coins complicated the product for new users, without providing much utility for existing users, so we decided to remove the coin model completely.
Maybe they're removing coins so they can ICO WhaleCoin πŸ€”
@nickabouzeid they said they're specifically not doing that in their Medium post! πŸ˜‚
@chrismessina Oh thank goodness πŸ™Œ
The new design looks very nice, great job! Now it looks empty for me tho. Maybe I didn't spend enough time with it yet or didn't ask enough questions, but totally feel like it's empty right now πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
Radical redisgn which I really hope was backed by the tons of feedback and observations they've amassed from 1.0. I however don't like Tinder style browsing and get bored very quickly from swiping left and right. I echo other users views that the app feels very empty now. I candidly think the only model that would work is a feed where people I follow answers are on top, then expands based on that graph.
@nizargrira hey nizar can you email me at ranidu@askwhale.com . We want to dig into what you mean by empty?
Certainly a huge change! One thing I loved about v1.0 was you could feel (and see) the community developing - this feels very empty. Also, I have a girlfriend and pushing a tinder style interface makes me mentally grown. Will still keep on playing though. πŸ‘