A new smart cane for the visually impaired

WeWALK is a smart white cane, increases visually impaired to to move independently.

1. Obstacle Detection: Detects the obstacles above chest level.

2. Phone Connection: Connected with phones via Bluetooth, to get navigation.

3. Open Platform: WeWALK’s features will increase by new integrations like Google Maps, Indoor Navigation, Uber/LYFT.

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  • Marc Syp
    Marc SypFounder, Hashgear

    Nothing else like it that I know of.


    Can't say until I hear more about it

    My wife is a sign language interpreter and often works with deaf and deaf-blind clients. I'm sure she will be interested in this!

    Marc Syp has never used this product.
  • Pros: 

    No similar tech in the world




    Ersin Güray has used this product for one day.
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Adrian Jon
Adrian Jon@aeijae · WatermelonBlock | Marketing Strategist
Such a simple yet smart product. Would love to see this make it's way into accessibility industry.