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WeVu is the first free service to share, organize, and discuss YouTube videos in private groups. WeVu started as ‘educational video’ for coaching of hands-on & interpersonal skills like nursing, sports, training, performance, etc. https://youtu.be/prSg1aVbU6A

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Hi PH, Fred Cutler here from WeVu and from UBC in Vancouver. We built WeVu at UBC to solve a problem for educators. Students have phones and can record as they practice skills. But there's nowhere to put the video and teachers and coaches can't give feedback right along the video. Teachers in Nursing, Business, Occupational Therapy, Academic Communication, Music, and more wanted a way to use video to get students practicing more. So that's what WeVu's for! We've just refreshed the interface and now you can upload, share privately, and discuss: * Video (from any source, uploaded, or imported from YouTube or Dropbox) * Audio * Images (zoomable and with drawing and text commenting) * PDFs Your discussion can be text, audio, or video comments. It's an asynchronous, sharing world. Now Video, Audio, and Images can join that party. Hope you like it. Desperate for your feedback. We're all about practice and feedback!
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Hey folks, we've got a new 5 minute video up at https://youtu.be/prSg1aVbU6A that shows how our Free service allows people to import YouTube videos, invite their friends or students or colleagues to join the site, and then have comments about specific moments in the videos.