The simplest way to send your files


ed wassermann
@visavis_kid · code && design
Is this supposed to be news?
Louis Rouffineau
@louisrouffineau · CEO, Lacompany
Do you now allow the use of curl or wget to make wetransfer downloads easier using the command line?
Dima Blover 🔸
@dimablover · Creator of Phoenix-startup.com, UI /UX
Great product. I like it. Bright and useful. Love idea with art on background.
Denis Todirica
@denistodirica · Forbes 30under30, Startup Chile, STATUS
Nalden, Congrats for the redesign and launch of "We"! It's a product that I use at least 10 times a month. I was happy to hear your story with the early days of Wetransfer at the Eyes event in Amsterdam 2014.
Cameron Rohani
How can something so simple, be so.... Beautiful. 😢