Flexible jobs to empower women in their careers

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So glad to see Werk on Product Hunt this morning, thank you @razkarmi! At Werk we are rewriting the rules of an outdated workplace to make work compatible with the lives of ambitious women through flexibility. Today, Werk's core product is a membership-based job board that features only high level flexible jobs. We also work with companies directly to train them on how to adopt and implement flexibility policies. Why do we care so much about flexibility? Because 30% of the country's most talented women are dropping out of the workforce because of a forced choice between career and care. If we can modernize the structure of work we can keep women on the leadership pipeline and smash the glass ceiling once and for all. I'm here to answer any questions you've got!
@anniedeanzait Great idea! However I think it would be helpful to show actual examples of job listings prior to having someone commit to the annual membership fee. It would also be helpful to allow them to do a preliminary search and see how many search results turn up in their area (either geographic, or industry, or both).
Looks awesome! Do you guys have a promo code for product hunters? ;-)
@mynycincolor1 I second this emotion!
Great product by two great founders.
@jonathanmoyal Thank you Jonathan!
Product looks great. Nice work and fantastic mission!
@zubsb Thank you!