Keep the bots out without annoying your users

wehatecaptchas is a captcha alternative. Instead of looking at squiggly text or finding images all you have to do is click a button. In the background your browser must perform complex math that makes spamming expensive.
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4 Reviews5.0/5
Pros: Nice idea. It can surely block spam bots without any visual hint to the normal user. Cons: Can still not replace captcha. Modern scrapers can use javascript/browser engines. Script should also be improved (bad API design)
@usamaejaz A future update is going to dynamically set the captcha difficulty to help combat automation. I agree it can be automated but it’ll be expensive. How do you believe the API design can be improved?
@daltonedwards for example, you need to set the id which is "static". what if there are multiple forms on page? it should be possible to also specify custom submit message and so on. if i have a custom onSubmit handler and want to integrate this into that, its not possible right now. your code also adds custom pre-set message/html.
@usamaejaz thanks for your feedback I’ll keep all of this in mind 😄