Requests for pitches from top angels & VCs every week 🤑💌

Weekly.vc is a weekly newsletter with requests for pitches from top VCs and angel investors. When investors want an intro to a specific kind of startup, they submit “requests for pitches” to us. You respond to their requests, and we intro if they like you!
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The idea is very interesting, but with all the due respect, doesn't feel right to make a startupper pay instead of investors. I have one startup, not ten. So I have to hope that an investors will exactly ask for a startup pitch about "left handed eater of gluten free hummus" to be able to submit my pitch. Unless I'll just submit pitches made on the fly inventing startups just to catch the opportunity. Who should pay are investors as in the end they will get a cut of a project, and sure they have more money to spend instead of some guy trying to launch his startup.
@mrdobelina I'm 100% with Filippo here, I understand you might have to charge the founders because no VC might be willing to pay you yet, and you need to monetize somehow. If that IS the case, how about you make the pitch requests public? I would be far more willing to pay a small amount per pitch, if the request matches my start up, than pay 30$ blindly at a chance that there is absolutely no investor in your platform interested in my line of work. Love your idea, just not entirely in love with the execution :)
@mrdobelina Thanks for the feedback Filippo! We want to cut as much friction on the investor side as possible to start. Our small paywall helps curate bad startups out, so they receive less spam. Adding a paywall on their side would decrease the number of requests, which decreases the number of opportunities startups can raise money.
@mrdobelina @jmartinez Thanks for the feedback Javi! Here's what we're going to do––just to start, as time is tight for today––we're going to build a counter of our requests on the landing page that will say how many requests we have for each market/industry/location, etc. so there's transparency on what kinds of requests come through Weekly.vc
@mrdobelina @juhaszhenderson That's a good enough compromise, thanks for the reply. 😊
@mrdobelina @jmartinez Hey Javi! Pushed an update that includes stats on our requests (scroll down on homepage)
Hey guys! 👋 Weekly.vc is a weekly email with requests for pitches from top VCs and angel investors. When investors want to meet, research, invest in, or learn more about a specific kind of startup––either by industry, location, or mission––they submit “requests for pitches” to Weekly.vc. Every week we compile a list and send them out to everyone who’s subscribed to the newsletter (while keeping the identity of the investors anonymous so there’s no abuse or spam). Founders respond to investors’ requests, we forward to the investors, and if the investors like their pitch, we introduce the founder and investor directly. Throughout years of building products & services helping hundreds of founders from all over the world optimize their fundraising process, we’ve found warm introductions to be the best strategy to maximize conversion rate and start building positive relationships. Weekly.vc is the simplest way to keep a pulse on what investors are interested in and to get consistent warm introductions to investors ready to learn more about your project at that moment. For investors, it’s one of the best ways to get in touch with resourceful startups from all over the world building high growth products on the internet––with many of them looking to raise their seed round. We’re running an early beta pricing for founders so you can subscribe for just $29/mo to get the email every week and respond to unlimited requests. And if you sign up today, you’ll also get last week’s email! Weekly.vc is 100% free for investors––both angels & VCs. If you’d like to submit a request, you can do so here: https://weekly.vc/investors Thanks for the time––and as always we'd love your feedback on how we can improve the product! –– Matt & Aaron from Weekly.vc
Really excited to hear your thoughts on this project! If you are familiar with PR, Weekly.vc is essentially Help a Reporter Out (HARO) for investors.
This definitely seems to be the opposite of what I'd have expected it to be. I like these "agent" concepts. However, as an agent you got to pick who you are representing. The investor or the startup.
@sarjun From our perspective as founders, if we can pay a few bucks a month to get warm intros to VCs it's a no brainer