Weekly Stocktip

Make investing in stocks with a +90% win rate easy!

We've spent 14+ years building an advanced stock market robo investor that makes profitable investments as simple as possible. Beat the stock market with our +92% historical win rate.
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Hi everyone, I’m one of the Founders of Weekly Stocktip! We’ve been working hard for the past 14 years on this product. We’ve been rigorously testing it for over 7 years in real time market environments, and now we’re finally ready to go public. Weekly Stocktip is a service, that gives you access to high-quality stock recommendations every week which have outperformed the S&P 500 over 88% of the time. Historically, +92% of all our recommendations have been successful! Our recommendations are based on timeless and proven investment principles, mathematical probabilities and sound logic. They are scientifically quantifiable, which means that every principle used can be proven to work using the scientific method. We believe your time is better spent enjoying life rather than looking at financial statements and reading business news! Thanks for reading! Naturally releasing a product claiming to beat the market, must come with a lot of questions, feel free to ask me anything :)