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Weekly.Cool sends you an email digests of the top posts from your favorite subreddit every week, with embedded images, links and self-text all right in the email. Subscribe to up to 20 subreddits for just $5 / year.

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Hi product hunt! πŸ‘‹ Leon here, the maker of Weekly.Cool. I originally built this product four years ago (back in high school!) because I kept missing great content from smaller subreddits that didn't make it to my main reddit front page. I put the project up online, and to my surprise, quite a lot of people started using it! This was great at first, until it started to break the (in hindsight) not-so-great code I wrote for it. That's when I decided to rebuild it from the ground up... So that's how Weekly.Cool came to be! The new service has much better-designed emails that feature embedded images, link previews and self-posts. I've been using it myself for /r/roomporn (pictures of pretty rooms), and having the image embeds has been a game changer. The coolest part of this process for me has been emailing with existing users of my old site to see whether they'd use an improved, paid version of the site. They told me they would, and a few of them have already signed up! Let me know if you have any questions 😁
Cool solution to keep up with some of niche subreddits I follow. I previously relied on an IFTTT applet, but that quickly became overwhelming with the constant notifications. A weekly inbox newsletter is much more elegant! Nice work.
@sam_rukeyser thanks Sam! Let me know if you run into any trouble signing up or have features you’d like to see πŸ˜ƒ