WeeCare Temperature Check Technology

Verify families and daycares are healthy before drop off!

The new AI-powered Temperature Check app feature from WeeCare verifies that daycare providers and families have healthy temperatures before interacting each day, to further prevent the spread of COVID-19 in communities.
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I’ve known the WeeCare team for a few years now and want to share the rollout of their new AI-verified Temperature Check technology. The app feature verifies that childcare providers and families have healthy temperatures before they interact each day, to further prevent the spread of COVID-19 in cities across the country. Here is more about the feature: • Childcare providers and families can submit virtual temperature checks through the app each morning to verify they are healthy before drop off at daycare • Temperature checks submitted through the app are verified using AI-powered technology for accuracy • WeeCare daycares that have been verified as having healthy temperatures receive badges on their daycare profiles so families know which facilities are taking extra precautions, seen here: https://weecare.co/daycare-near-me • The feature is free for WeeCare daycares and families through the WeeCare app: https://weecare.co/download Background: WeeCare is the largest network of in-home childcare in the United States. They are a marketplace that works with families and providers to remove the stress of finding and providing childcare.
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@eva_ho Eva, thanks so much for sharing! I've been a fan of WeeCare's and it's great to see that they're releasing a product that protects care workers and families.
@eva_ho This is an amazing idea. Great to see such a proactive approach
@eva_ho @caileynewton Completely agree. It's so important to support childcare workers right now, they're essential!
Thanks for sharing @eva_ho - we're really excited about how this feature can serve our communities. Would love to hear anyone's thoughts/feedback!
This is awesome. Excited to see families and childcare leaders using it!
Absolutely! It's gives parents + daycare providers peace of mind that it's safe to drop-off kiddos each morning and prevents the spread of COVID-19. Win, win!
This is going to be so helpful for families as everyone heads back to work!