Website Image Speed Test

Beautiful & easy free analysis of the images on your page

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Nadav Soferman
Co-founder, Cloudinary
Adding a few more details: The tool can be accessed from here: Or you can access it through a new 'Image Analysis' tab on the WebPagetest results page. Since WebPagetest is a popular open-source tool, we are partnering with our friends over there to bring Cloudinary's image analysis and optimization capabilities to it's wide user base. In short, Website Speed Test shows the why and how of image optimization. It provides detailed optimization insights beyond simple compression check, demonstrating how changes to image size, format, quality and encoding parameters can reduce the image weight. You can enter a web page URL and measure the total weight of images, potential compression and 'Page Image Score': a grade ranging from A-F. This grade is based on the image format used, fit between image resolution and the displayed size in the graphic design, compression rate, color space, and color depth of all the images that were analyzed. It would be great if you take it for a test drive and share your feedback. Thanks!
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Dimitrios TragasCEO, 2pensmedia
Great tool! I will definitely share with others! :)
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David Carpe
Thinker & Layabout
that is a fantastic tool! any plans for a wordpress plugin? i would gladly pay money to see this inside WP with an option to optimize and swap in the media library
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Clayton Parker
Youtuber | 3D Printing | Influencer
Love the guys over at cloudinary! Great idea here
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build & track websites. cofounder Vuurr
nice I like the tool, gives me somewhere to send everybody that asks me for a simple solution. going to look into it more for api. either directly from gulp or write a wordpress plugin for it. not that i have time. but nice.
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