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#4 Product of the WeekAugust 08, 2016
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So it does "wget -r" for you?
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@nitrogen It's wget with a ton of options and a special twist.
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@henrikharju @nitrogen plus you'll get a preview straight in your browser which is delivered over a fast fiber network
@henrikharju Care enlightening us on what the 'twist' might be? Not much of an argument...
@jarizwarts @henrikharju mainly using the right options based on our extensive experience, following redirects and fixing some other shortcomings you might usually run in to
@harzzn @henrikharju does your "fast fiber network" really matter if the download is bottlenecked by the user's bandwidth anyways?
I don't like to share my email address to get some results. Sorry ;)
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@josefnovakweb thanks for the feedback, we use the email to send you a download link if it's a larger website that takes more time to download
@josefnovakweb Ditto - I got stopped by the tweet to download screen
@josefnovakweb have you ever heard of a throwaway email address?
@leixusam @josefnovakweb Tweet to download?! Seriously?
Not cool! "Sorry, this is a very big website. Please reply to this e-mail and we will set up a paid custom download job for your website http://www. (starting from $300)"
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@tiago_batitucci Joke or did that actually happen? O_O
@kaska Yes, It actually happened... Shame :(
@tiago_batitucci pics or it didn't happen :)
@tiago_batitucci I got this happening to me too.
I already use this ( It actually does more than a decent job and has a lot of options. How would i compare your tool to this one ?
@dhirnitish thanks for trying us out, I would say if you are looking for a fast, easy-to-use alternative which requires you to download no software, that's us :) we also make sure the output is well structured and are constantly improving the results
@dhirnitish is also my preferred method. It's a tiny download also. No email required so ...
We've ran out of space since there's a preview that we host due to PH traffic. Hang on will be fixed soon.
@henrikharju Should be all sorted now! \o/\o/