Bundle web app to OS X app without coding

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saadshamim@saadshamim · software engineer
Is this supposed to be similar to electron?
RandyMaker@randyloop · Frontend Developer
@saadshamim No. WebShell is not nw.js nor electron alternative, which is only a WebView container. It do NOT provide you an Node.js runtime. The motivation of WebShell is taking web app out of browser tab. I always use jsbin.com to startup a frontend demo but I was tired for managing it as a browser tab. Electron and nw.js let you use Node.js and frontend skill to **make** a native app when WebShell let you **bring** the web app to the native. This is the point. It should be compared with Fluid, not nw.js nor Electron.
Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell · Services for startups
@randyloop - what was the development process like here? Would love to know the story!
Dan Moore
Dan Moore@toobulkeh · Vaporware
Fluid is a good alternative for the user. http://fluidapp.com/
Daniel Tolbert
Daniel Tolbert@dantolb · Developer Evangelist at Bandwidth.com
@toobulkeh This is awesome! Good to see you on PH!
Shannon Clarke
Shannon Clarke@sajclarke · Electrical Engineer & Software Developer
The landing page can certainly do with a better explanation for how this works and what exactly will be the output. It seems that it has limited support for device features so I'm wondering what are the pros to using this over several other "webview-packaging-shells" like the very popular cordova
Cedrik@cedriking · Programmer, Co-Owner, Studio Quipo inc.
Is this an electron/nwjs clone?​
RandyMaker@randyloop · Frontend Developer
@cedriking Nope. See my reply before.