Angel Luis Palazon Sanchez
Angel Luis Palazon Sanchez reviewedWebinarNinja 5.0Beautiful webinars. No worries.

Very easy to use and versatile


Lack of integrations with other digital platforms and mobile version not available

I've used it since version 4.0. I'm not very techie and I've understand it since the beginning. Great course about webinars just signing up to their list: great bunch of presenters there.

Angel Luis Palazon Sanchez has used this product for one year.
Omar Zenhom
Omar Zenhom@bizrepublic · Co-Founder & CEO of WebinarNinja
Hey Angel! Thanks so much for being a Webinar Ninja. Just a heads up as you might of missed the announcement late last year- We are fully mobile compatible -iOS and Android. Even though we have a Zapier integration with 5.0 we are adding direct integrations with Email Marketing Services in the near future :) Thanks again 😀