Tyler Larson
Tyler Larson reviewedWebinarNinja 5.0Beautiful webinars. No worries.

- Simple to start & showcase a webinar - Support via live chat to "assist" is very active - Easy API integration with ActiveCampaign


- Bugs are acknowledged but rarely fixed - Software limitations - Overly basic offers - Voice delay - User login issues via their devices

All in all, it's a decent webinar service. We moved FROM WebinarJam that was horrendous webinar quality and very buggy. This is slightly better than that but every aspect of WebinarNinja is hindered by software inabilities. You must upload your pre-recorded videos to Youtube as they don't provide hosted video options. The section for Offers within the webinar are excruciatingly basic, allowing for only a basic text title and description. No imagery, color adjustments, and offers don't show in the recorded webinar replays at the time you make the offer active. We've had 5 webinars now (with ~100-150 people each) and in every instance, at least 2-4 people have inabilities viewing the webinar, regardless their browser. I would recommend WebinarNinja but you must understand the limitations that come with it. I'm hopeful they invest heavily into further development and provide some expanded capabilities but for now, if you're looking for an extremely basic webinar service, W.N will do just fine.

Tyler Larson has used this product for one year.
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