Webhooks by Zapier

Move Your Data Instantly With Webhooks

Receive data from any service or send requests to any URL without writing code or running servers.

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This has existed for a while now, hasn't it? Bit confused because it seems like this is a new launch or something. We have been using webhooks inside of Zapier for like years now! It's an awesome feature though!
@alexhbass I was confused as well. I've been having some customers integrate with Zapier using webhooks since I launched in 2016. Still a great product though! 😜
@alexhbass So awesome to hear you're a fan of Webhooks! Many power users like you have discovered it. Most recently, we added "raw hooks" that opens up some advanced options. But Webhooks should be for more than power users, so we dug into the common use cases to hopefully make it more approachable.
@adamd ah! Okay so it's like a re-launch/landing page/education. Regardless, upvoted because it is an awesome feature. We use Webhooks more than native integrations for most clients ☺️
@adamd @alexhbass First thing I thought when I got an update email about this...
We've been using Zapier Webhooks at Customer.io to send marketing data where we need, especially Segment and Customer.io (meta!) and it's been amazing to have this self-sufficiency as a marketing team :)
The zapier Webhooks feature is very powerful and lets users integrate and connect data from any service with a REST API out there. I'm a big fan and many of our users (restdb.io) use it to both retrieve and push data from their databases without coding.
@knutmt I'd love to hear more about how people are using those together!
@adamd There are many variations!! A common use case is when a restdb.io database receives a POST (new record), which triggers a restdb.io Webhook or Codehook which in turn calls a zapier Webhook that starts some useful action (social media post, add data to Google contacts, add people to Mailchimp lists, add a Trello task, send an SMS/email, put something on slack). The other way around, I know people are using zapier webhooks to POST into restdb.io databases for logging purposes or just data collection (put the tweets somewhere).