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#4 Product of the DaySeptember 06, 2015
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Hey there Product Hunt, I'm AB, founder of Webcred.it. I'm thrilled to show you Webcred.it - it truly is IMDb for technology - the central 'about us' page that's a permanent record of the products you've helped create, and where you can acknowledge every one of your colleagues who helped you along the way. Just like the end credits of a movie, but for the tech world. -- Invite your colleagues to your project in one of over 250 tech-specific roles. It doesn't matter whether they're the CEO or a two-week contracter - everyone deserves recognition. -- Tag the tools and technology you used to create your products, including the behind-the-scenes tool - the ones that would otherwise never be seen from the front end. -- Leave a permanent list of 'special thanks', trivia and memorable quotes from your project. Things that really don't belong ON your site, but need to be recorded for all time. -- Look up people to see their validated work history and trace their network of colleagues. Look up web sites to find out the people and tools that created them. -- Finally, you can ask anyone anything on Webcred.it. And here, we're talking about the big picture topics: how did you choose your stack? how did you survive using that project methodology with that framework? which one of you come up with the initial concept? TWO big exclusives for you all: 1) Sign up via Product Hunt today, and receive a year of PRO for free. ('Cos you simply *have to* reserve your /name handle, right?) 2) Sign up, invite some colleagues on some projects you've worked on - and when 5 of those invitees sign up, you get PRO - for life. (And probably beyond...? Haven't thought that completely through yet!) Huge thanks to @erictwillis for hunting us!
@allroundniceguy "everyone deserves recognition" But not everyone wants it or — believes in end credits for a collaborative effort. And a lot of times the people who seek it are the ones with enough free time or ambition to dominate the PR. Many companies view product releases as a holistic effort — QA, customer service, etc. are all a part of the offering. How does your tool plan to address this? Is it a running roster of a company's employees? I sound cynical but I'm not — it is just that there needs to be some sort of observation of this, that a roster is only a sampling of the big effort by people who have chosen to put themselves or their coworkers in your product.
AB demoed Webcred.it at one of the Product Hunt Sydney meetups. This is a really dynamic centralised "About Page" for many projects / companies. As this grows, it should become a really valuable source of constantly updated information.
@elbahnasy Cheers Iz - thanks for your support! 'As this grows' - is certainly true - Will and I love an old saying that we found: "The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is today". Giving your colleagues (and yourself!) some credit is kinda important in the moment - but it becomes increasingly important as time passes, to become a measure of your credibility.
Tried to signup twice but it gave the following error Let's try that again...
@haseeb Hi Haseeb, its Will here the co-founder of Webcred.it. I am unable to see the error, please PM me with the medium you are trying to login with and I will look into it for you.
@allroundniceguy @willthemalak What differentiates Webcred.it from Makerbase (https://makerba.se/) or Evolvr.io (https://www.evolvr.io/)?
@mackeyguenther Hi Mackey, great question, thank you. Warning this is a 5:30am (local time AU) answer :) The main difference is validation. People involved in a product/project are able to get credit for the specific role they performed. This is validated by the teams they have worked with on the product/project. Also, we encourage teams to list all underpinning technology used that support the finished product. With this information, we encourage, enable and empower our community to ask each other the bigger questions on why a certain decision was made. Cheers Will
@gedrovits G'day Vjatseslav - yes, Webcred.it is a great place to showcase your tech stack - just like StackShare. Webcred.it goes a layer deeper, linking the people behind the site to your stack - essentially turning the site's stack into a list of tools and technologies you've had exposure to, all validated by your colleagues. On top of that, Webcred.it also allows for other site-metadata: trivia, quotes, archives, version history - and results in a credible picture of both the site as an entity, but also a credible picture of you as the creator.
I do like the idea of validation and crediting everyone who worked on a site or project. One thing that would be great to see is a map of where everyone is located, but I am sure that the team at webcredit has already been thinking of adding this feature.