A web whiteboard app for real time collaboration.

WebBoard is an online collaboration tool for teachers, instructors, managers, developers and designers. An app with a vast number of features which can make collaborating with your team seamless.

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WebBoard is a web whiteboard app with advanced drawing and real time collaboration capabilities, which was made for schools, small businesses and individuals to avoid the hassle of having to physically be at a location to collaborate with your class or team. The whiteboard app enables you to collaborate with your class or team on multiple levels. From simple annotations and comments to full-scale visual lecturing and project management where we can communicate as if we are sitting next to each other. The following features are available on WebBoard: Responsive layout Touch friendly Advanced drawing tools Audio / Video / Text chat File sharing Screen sharing Screen recording In-App storage In-App calendar Board embeds Marko Founder of WebBoard
What I needed great!
@ruben_change Please do give a review, if you can.
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How is better than Miro.com?
@oleg_ovsyannikov1 WeBoard is more focused on collaboration than on drawing and is mainly built for e-learning purposes, so it is more in line for meetings and education. Like Adobe Connect but with a much lower price tag. The UI is made responsive so the viewport scales to the device you're using and since WeBoard is more focused on collaboration, it enables Screen Recording and Screen Sharing along with File Sharing and all other forms of chat. Also, you can have multiple pages on one board on which participants can draw simultaneously while still collaborating. The Calendar for events is also something which can be usefull to managers and educational pros alike :)