Web Development with Go

Learn to build web application using Go (aka Golang)

@joncalhoun If you had to give the number one reason to switch to Go for web development specifically for someone coming from Ruby, Python, or PHP, what would it be?
@dtran320 So hard to answer in a single reason because there are so many! Go is fast and concurrency is both easy and on by default for web servers (reqiuests are already in a goroutine by the time they get to your code if you use the net/http package in the stdlib). This means that not only is Go faster than those language for regular operations, but a single server can easily handle multiple concurrent requests without multiple instances of the same server (eg puma or unicorn for rails which are memory heavy). Go is also clear and understandable, making it easy to read, write, and maintain. As someone who both uses and loves ruby, one of its biggest faults is that you can do one thing 20 ways and this means a developer new to a project might easily be confused or spend extra time trying to extrapolate what a project does. Being clear and understandable also makes me very productive. I might use 2x the code I would use in Ruby for a task, but I write it faster and it is easier for others to jump into and edit when they need to. Sometimes shorter != better, and this is one of those examples for me. Another perk is deployments, but this is fairly minor. Deploying Rails always seemed harder than it needed to be, meanwhile deploying Go is building a binary and setting up a systemd service to run that binary. I think "deploying" in the course is incredibly short compared to what you would expect. If I had to pick one reason, it would be the clear & understandable aspect. I just find it easier to write and maintain Go projects. All that said, I wouldn't suggest doing an overhaul and rewriting in Go. Instead try it out for a few side projects or internal tools and see for yourself.
Happy to answer any questions about the course. It is intended to be similar to Michael Hartl's Rails Tutorial, but for Go. That means I wanted it to be approachable for people with very little development experience, and I wanted to go from the most basic program all the way to deploying a web app to production. I intend to do a print version eventually and anyone with a digital copy will get that at cost. I just want to wait ~6-12mo to make sure the book has time to get edited and all the typos are caught since you can't change a print book as easily as an ebook :)
@joncalhoun I like the approach, but I think it will be pretty hard to sell it at this price, regarding all those very complete tutorials for any language that you can find on Udemy for ~$10. Anyway I will check the course preview!
@pym The course has sold quite a few copies at this price and I offer everyone a 100% money back guarantee just in case they feel the course isn't worth the money. My refund rate is far below 1%, and none have been because they felt the course wasn't worth the money. This isn't meant to be a brag or anything odd like that, but to make the point that I'm making sales and not tricking people into them - they could request a refund if they wanted one. To me this implies that not only is it possible to sell at this price point, but the students who are making those purchases truly believe it was worth the money and almost never ask for a refund as a result. To back this up even further, I also have several purchases made by the same people on behalf of employees and peers because they felt the course was that good. All of that isn't to say that there aren't good courses elsewhere, but I promise you (and anyone else) that if you buy this course you won't be disappointed or feel like you overpaid. You will get significantly more than $200 of value out of the course. And if you don't, email me and I'll give you a refund.
@pym I also added a bit to the site to explain WHY I charge that price. Tldr - it allows me to provide great support and continue to update the course over time
Are there any discounts since it's producthunt? I would like to try it out but it's a bit too expensive for me right now.