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#4 Product of the WeekJanuary 13, 2014
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Hi ProductHunt community - just moved to SF from Seattle to launch Weave a couple days ago. Excited to be here and engage with all the great product minds here.
Welcome, @zealoustiger (to PH and SF)! I bookmarked Weave the other day, excited to try it out. I believe the double opt-in, Tinder/Hot or Not model can be applied to many verticals. You were previously at Decide.com (acquired by eBay late last year). What inspired you to work on Weave?
You guys probably don't read Geekwire often (the main Seattle startup news outlet), but John wrote about Weave here: http://bit.ly/1lRYACA Seattle is taking off quite a bit faster than SF right now, mostly because my network is much bigger there.
Haha - @rrhoover you're great at these questions. You're the perfect PH founder. To your question: There's a lot of interactions that I expected, but 2 were complete surprises: 1) I didn't realize how powerful a REconnection was. Users we meeting up with their friends nearby whom they hadn't talked to in years. The proximity thing made it extra easy to just walk over a couple blocks to reconnect. 2) It blew me away how often a lot of users come back to check the app. In our haste to get out the MVP, we didn't build in a "auto-load new people that signed up after you open the app" feature, which had the awkward side effect of everytime you open up the app, there's someone new.
Thanks ash - half true. Coffeeme started at my bachelor party, but HsuKen and I have decided to run separate companies. Weave focuses on synchronous and serendipitous meetings vs the more asynchronous nature of coffeme.