Weatherman ☔️

Industrial-strength fiberglass Umbrella that can be tracked.

Weatherman is an industrial-strength fiberglass to prevent inverting and breaking. Wind-tunnel tested to withstand gale-force winds up to 55 MPH. Fabric woven with Teflon™ to ensure maximum water repellency. Translation: It holds up. The Weatherman™ app syncs with built-in Bluetooth technology to locate your umbrella.

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Why do you need to track your umbrella? Not everything needs a GPS and an accelerometer
@evankimbrell Maybe some who is paying 65usd for an umbrella and doesn't want to lose it
@vrsanchezj So you have to charge your umbrella? So that when you lose it you can see a GPS dot that shows its somewhere in your house?
@evankimbrell - I was wondering the same thing. There was a time when this most certainly would have been an April Fools creation...
Looks so great !! Hoping it’s going to be shipping to India
If this umbrella only closed in reverse like the Better Brella to prevent getting wet while getting in the car.