Weather Underground

Hyper local weather from a network of weather stations

#3 Product of the DayMay 21, 2016
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Margaret McGraw
Margaret McGraw@love2golf · Founder, Webgenco
I forgot to mention that the Apple Watch app is great for WU.
Jim Lyons
Jim Lyons@jflyons · Blogger/analyst
@love2golf Yes on the Watch app!
Dan Matthews
Dan Matthews@danielmatthews · Head baker. Community Service Director.
@love2golf what do you like about the WU watch app? I tried it out but ended up going with Dark Sky as my AW weather app due to the "rain starting soon" widget.
Desmond@desmonddantzler · Working on Fanbox.
Been using this for about a year, by far the best weather app I've used. Once I read all their data is from over 180k local PWS I was sold.
Ravi Yadav
Ravi YadavMaker@raaveyadav · Developer Evangelist
@desmonddantzler It's 195k now. Reaching 200k soon :)
Jason Weingardt
Jason Weingardt@jason_weingardt
Maaaan this is just now getting hunted? This is by far the best weather iOS app and I gladly paid to remove the ads.
eamonncarey@eamonncarey · Early stage investor.
This is pretty impressive. I've realised that the older I get, the more obsessed I get with the weather. I've tried everything from Dark Sky to Yahoo Weather and right through to obscure (but really quite accurate) Norwegian weather apps to figure out what the weather's going to be like, when it's going to rain etc etc... Weather Underground looks great. There's a lot of data to dig into if you're sufficiently geeky about the weather and conditions (this is an admission that I'm that guy). The Apple Watch integration is one of the nicer looking ones that I've found. I'm already sold - I paid to remove the ads within minutes of getting started. I reckon this will be something I end up using every day.
Chris Herbert
Chris Herbert@hrbrt · Graphic Designer & Pixel Hunter
This + their Storm app are my one two punch for weather forecasting. Great apps.
B's Knees
B's Knees@bellauccella · School Psychologist/Geek Extraordinaire
I'm a fan of their Storm app as well. I get bored easily so I had moved on from WU but the Apple Watch app was splendid