Weather Puppy App

Smile every time you check the weather!


The puppy changes based on the weather and time. Includes 10-day and hourly forecasts, radar, detailed current conditions, moon phase, and much more! Weather forecast provided by WeatherUnderground.

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6 Reviews5.0/5

If people could submit their own pupper photos to share with the world, this app would be THE BEST weather app. ever.


No matter what the weather is, seeing puppies make me happy.


Wish there's more diversity in terms of doggo breeds.

neat idea


interesting idea


people easily will get annoyed by this feature

Aside from the utility of being an comprehensive & accurate weather app (forecast by WeatherUnderground) it's amazing how something so happily executed can brighten so many days. Plain and simple, you smile no matter the forecast! We've even received emails from users who have thanked us for helping them through times of loss & depression. It's really the serotonin weather app!


As a co-maker I naturally think it's the best. But I'm writing this on behalf of the 7,793 users who have rated it 5-stars on iOS & Android.


Could use a widget on Android (we're working on it)!