Weather Atlas

10 Day Forecast + Live Weather Maps


With forecasts and weather maps at a glance, Weather Atlas provides a beautifully balanced view of the weather. US-only (for now anyway)

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Luke Seeley
Sefik Mujkic
Roman Banks
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  • Pros: 

    UI is fantastic; Customization is a bonus.


    Subscription-based paid version

    The UI is great, and being able to customize the icons used in the app is a great little bonus. Clean widget for current weather; daily and hourly available to paid users only.

  • Luke Seeley
    Luke SeeleyCreative Director, Pixel Union

    Looks great!


    Not in Canada

    Most of my friends live in Canada, so I can't recommend it to them :-(

  • Pros: 

    Great UI, modern/native design. Helpful to have 10-day forecast and satellite imagery in one app.


    Satellite animations could be a bit smoother. Map panning is slightly laggy on my iPhone 7.

    Instantly bought the pro subscription. Made a spot on my home screen for at least the foreseeable future. Well done!