We Need Diverse Books

Advocating and supporting non-majority narratives

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"Though more than half of schoolchildren are minorities--people of color, LGBTQIA, and/or people with disabilities--the fact remains that too few of these children see reflections of themselves in the books they read."
Hi Everyone! Thank you for inviting me Nichole! I'm so thrilled to be here and appreciate everyone's support for our We Need Diverse Books campaign! We are focused on making change in children's literature so that every child can find themselves in the pages of a book and no child will ever feel excluded. We also believe that it is just as important for everyone to read about other lives and cultures to learn and grow and become global citizens who have empathy for each other. Thanks for listening and supporting us!
This, I can totally get behind. I'm a trans woman myself, which I didn't know until I was about 14 - not for lack of personal understanding, but because trans people are so rare in media that I just didn't have words for things. Simply exposing to children the breadth of what people can be is a massive cultural improvement, in my book. Speaking of books, why focus on this particular medium? Is it just because of how this particular effort got started, or is there a conscious decision to focus on literature? I imagine most kids are more interested in other forms of media (a lot of them tech-based... we need diverse tech, while we're at it).