Listen to music together


On we:fm you listen to music together, at the same time, with friends. Connect your Spotify account, find your friends, and listen. While listening together in the same station, you can chat, save songs and more!

It’s cool to listen together: knowing the others in the stations are listening to the exact same part of the song.

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I wanted to use but no android app, and there is no a way to use it thru web site or something else... just apple store.


Looks good.


No android app, No web app

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Thank you so much! Android and web app (as well as Apple Music) have been massively requested already. We're on it and hope to get those in ASAP. It's going to take a bit of time though, we want to do it right :)
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About 90% of the market is unable to use this. Please consider going cross-platform.


The concept and design seems nice


No Android app, no web version.

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We are definitely expanding asap. Thank you :)

app works really well and is just really amazing!!


amazing app!!



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I have been using this app daily - so much more fun than one would expect. Really cool to listen to music with my friends from all over the world


Really great UI, amazing UX, and so much fun to use!!!


very small UI glitches sometimes

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I'm excited to use this and see how much traction it gets.


Super simple Interface and interesting features. More to come I'm sure.


UI in process of being refined

I installed the app and I immediately started sharing a playlist with someone.

The sign-up to get-something-working process was impressively fast.

And the app in general is really nice and simple.


Excellent UX, great idea


None so far