We Are All Immigrants

Celebrate our diversity with custom keychains

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carlos garcia@androidlove · Co-Founder, Internet Missionaries
Opportunistic money grab? This belongs in gas stations for .99 cents. Hehe
Jonathan SchwartzMaker@jmschwartz11 · Co-founder, Voodoo Manufacturing
@androidlove Hey Carlos, we're not profiting from this at all. Of each $5 keychain, $3.25 goes towards production and shipping and the remaining $1.75 goes directly to the ACLU! Our only goal is to support a cause we believe in :)
Max Friefeld@max_friefeld · Engineer, 3D printing, Manufacturing
@androidlove The point is that it is customized! Maybe your local gas station is able to predict amongst thousands of countries, which one your family started in, but mine sure doesn't.
Aaron McKeehan@aaronmckeehan · CEO, ParadigmRPA
We are not all immigrants. I was born in the US.
Hal Gottfried@hgottfried · Founder, Level Up Labs
@aaronmckeehan and every generation of your family has ?
Aaron McKeehan@aaronmckeehan · CEO, ParadigmRPA
@hgottfried No. But "are" is present tense. My great grand parents were all immigrants. I however am not, because I was born here.
Jonathan SchwartzMaker@jmschwartz11 · Co-founder, Voodoo Manufacturing
@aaronmckeehan @hgottfried Hey Aaron, obviously this is somewhat figurative. The point is purely to acknowledge the idea that most of us come from from somewhere not here, and had our family not been let into the US we most likely wouldn't be here.
Jonathan SchwartzMaker@jmschwartz11 · Co-founder, Voodoo Manufacturing
Hi Product Hunt! I'm one of the creators of this site. To keep it short, we built it with the sole purpose of supporting an open and inclusive America. You can read about it more here: http://blog.voodoomfg.com/2017/0... Let me know if you have any questions! Otherwise, hope you support the cause and order a keychain! Best, Jonathan
Parwinder Bhagat@parwinder · Software Architect @ Pampered Chef
@jmschwartz11 Do you have an image of the final product? It wont male much of a difference now as I already ordered but it might be helpful for others.