WCP Contact Form

WordPress plugin with dynamic fields

It's a simple free plugin that allows to use one contact form with “ready-to-use” fields fast. Site administrator can add it to a page by inserting shortcode via TinyMCE toolbar button or by adding “WCP Contact Form” widget to the necessary sidebar.
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One of the main reasons why WordPress has become so popular in recent years is the presence of a huge range of plugins for all possible needs. Custom themes and plugins development for WordPress is one of the main expertises of Riff Point web department, WebCodin. Our WordPress WCP plugin series includes the following: 👉 WCP Contact Form 👉 WCP Visual Adverts 👉 WCP OpenWeather Let's take it from the top, Contact Form. It's a simple plugin that allows you to use one contact form with “ready-to-use” fields in a few click. Some core features below: - Ready-to-use fields preset after plugin installation; - Dynamic contact form fields with various parameters that can be reordered and deleted as per your request; - Various field types: text, email, numeric, textarea, checkbox, CAPTCHA / Google reCAPTCHA; - Inbox page for message list with read/unread statuses and single detailed page for each message; - Optional “Thank You” page that can be chosen from the list of the existing pages; - Optional HTML5 validation and editable error messages for non-HTML5 validation; ...and much more.