Waze Local Ads

Advertise your local business to drivers using Waze 🚗


Create meaningful local advertising experiences within the context of a drive

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If waze needs money, just make a premium offer that gives more features to the one who pays, you'll be rich enough in no time.

Hey Google, leave us alone for once


What the hell


As it's a GPS, it seems clear that:

- Ads won't have any impact for businesses

- It might distract the driver

- We don't want ads anyway

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Well, Waze has been presenting ads to drivers for couple of years so I believe they measure it and have data improving it works though I've never clicked those ads (and I'm a Waze user for couple of years now since the beginning) I did clicked sponsored business ads appearing in search results (for example Gas stations) - I think this real estate is very effective because in this case the driver is not driving (hopefully..)
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Dope to see Waze finding relevant ways to monetise i think this is a great update that could serve as a gateway to greater things.


waze starts making ad money

contextual ads based on journey

discover hidden gems

good for businesses


driver distraction potential

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Make paid options or paid accounts, but do not distract drivers


Good and fast product


Messages are very distracting from driving by car

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Now with their shared carpooling movement, this could be even bigger. Plus it's owned by google


Great for: Open houses Events Restaurants Businesses in need of local traffic Not much competition yet 100 million users


Cost per impression for specific tier Another distraction for drivers