Wavy Music

Experience music in AR

Wavy Music is an app that gives people a new way to experience music through augmented reality. We work with musicians to create AR experiences set to their songs, empowering them to connect with their fans on a deeper level.

  • Pros: 

    Such a cool concept, super entertaining, beautiful design on the AR.


    App is very minimal

    Would really love for there to be a social part of the app... views, comments or something to keep the engagement. Or a way to connect to social media & share the clips. The songs and the experiences so far are so unique, I'd imagine this is what synesthesia is like! keep em coming :)

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  • Rahul Madduluri
    Rahul MadduluriSoftware Engineer @ Uber

    Refreshingly creative way to experience music. compelling AR environments made me listen to each track multiple times


    Some friction in moving from track to track

    Listening to/watching a song was an exciting experience every time. I found myself replaying certain tracks (eg Joyzu x Yngblood) several times just to see if I missed something -- I rarely do this. I feel like Wavy is at the early stages of a new (and very compelling!) medium for experiencing music.

    While I found each experience was fantastic, I didn't feel the "itch" to listen to song after song. My 2cents on possible directions to go in:

    1. Make transitioning from song to song more seamless. If there was a way to keep the environment settings btw songs, the experience would have a lot less friction

    2. Double down on recording friends dancing. seeing your friends dance to tracks could be a lot of fun (simple example is the karaoke feature in China's KuGou)

    3. Mini-stories (ala music videos) would be a lot of fun (Joyzu x Yngblood kinda does this)

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Thanks @sharonpope for hunting this!!! Hello Product Hunt 🌊 We’re incredibly excited to launch Wavy Music. With Wavy, we wanted to use AR to give musicians a new way to express themselves and connect with fans. We realized that, in a way, music alone already augments your world: you put in headphones, turn up the volume, and your perception of the space around you begins to change with the mood of the song. We see augmented reality as the perfect way to express that shift visually. A bit more about Wavy: • Each experience is made specifically for a song, with the musician’s creative direction. • Even though the focus is on experiencing the song, they tend to make for some pretty cool videos (Hint: Have your friend stand behind the wall of text in “This Feeling” or have them dance in front of the camera in “Some Minds”) • Some of the experiences are multiplayer AR, grab a friend and give it a go! We’re adding new experiences all the time. I can’t wait to hear your feedback and would love to hear about any songs you think would be cool in AR! We’ll do our best to make it happen :) Thank you so much - Hammad
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Hey Product Hunt! Super excited to hear what you think about Wavy Music. We'll be here all day to answer any questions. Here's a video of me getting Wavy with the Flume Experience 😎
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Such an awesome AR experience! Congrats on the launch Hammad!
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@zuhayeer thanks for the support and kind words :)
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This looks really fun. :) Trying it out as soon as I can.
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When talking AR with friends, we often categorize great AR experiences as magical and snackable. Wavy's incredible visuals and low-barrier make it an easy win here. I definitely look forward to seeing Wavy grow as a platform.
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Thanks @aidan! I really like your characterization of great AR experiences as “snackable”. Our team has been experimenting with making all types of AR applications, from 3D modeling tools to placing animated characters in your world, since the day ARKit came out. Through our experimentation, we learned that the best experiences were short, interactive, and leveraged audio extensively. However, one of the biggest problems we faced was that a lot of the content we wanted to build did not merit a user downloading a standalone app. When we talked to other developers in the space, we realized that they felt the same way. With Wavy, not only have we built out these music experiences but also laid the technical foundations to deliver these experiences to people quickly (texture streaming, and custom mesh compression among the first things we are doing). In the coming months we’ll keep releasing in-house experiences but you’ll also start to see content produced by others that uses our hosting/delivery stack. We’re ecstatic for the future :)
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