Send money to friends with no hassle. Like Venmo… in Europe!

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Wavy is the best and easiest way to pay back your friends in a smoooooth way 💸

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Kuchengnom@kuchengnom · Product Designer
Awesome product, I was a big fan of the cookies app and was quite sad to see it go. The team brought their love for awesome products to wavy, you can feel that. Simple things like not locking the app when you switch to 1password for your credit card data to paste it in just makes setting up the account a breeze. Sending and requesting money works flawlessly and this will definitively fill the void cookies left open when it comes to paying your coworkers for lunch or splitting other bills. Thanks again.
Jakob Stecher
Jakob Stecher@jakobstecher · Designer
Welcome back! 🙌 Wavy looks just as good as Cookies. I love the fact that you can now accept money without downloading the app first, while still keeping the core simplicity of the product.