Record and share micro podcasts w/ your friends

Wavechat is like the Snapchat for voice: A micro podcasting app that allows you to creatively connect with and follow friends through podcast-like stories and private voice messages.
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Hey Product Hunters!! Last week we won one of the categories in this years edition of the Makers Festival. Now, super excited to finally launch Wavechat on PH today! 😺 Wavechat is like the Snapchat for voice with filters for your voice instead of your face 😱A Wavechat is a casual up to 60 second podcast that you can put on your 24-hour story – or send to your friends. You can add visuals to it such as bitmojis, transcription, images, captions or stickers. This makes it an ideal editor for creating short, voice focused Instagram or Snapchat stories too – since we enable off-platform sharing as a video. 👻😁 We appreciate all your feedback and are happy to answer questions and comments! 🙌🏼
Boom! Congrats on this, I’m strong believer in voice taking over in the future (eg Home assistants, shopping, etc). I could see Wavechat leading the way for voice in social media 🚀
@antonio_dmya Yesss! Thank you so much! We definitely agree there is a lot of potential for voice in the social space, since voice is enabling us to engage with others when our eyeballs are occupied (driving, cooking, etc..). 🔥 Also one of the reasons we build stories for Wavechat for instance was we discovered lots of people would use video for morning prayers or motivational messages on Youtube, IG, etc. and then just film against the wall since they didn't want to show off their face. That is basically when the idea was born in the first place ;)
Love everything about it. Totally the future of social media. I have tons of friends and a girlfriend abroad and talking on the phone sometimes isn't ideal. So this fills the void of everything. Can't wait til your Android Version too.
@hamer_blattgold Awesome! Glad you like it :)
@hamer_blattgold yes! NEED on Droid!
@hamer_blattgold @mefranco we hope to have it soon for android!
@hamer_blattgold @dave_goldblatt great to hear Dave! CONGRATS ON LAUNCH!
Wow love this !
@celi_marketing Thanks! Glad you're enjoying it 😄
@celi_marketing Thanks Celi appreciate it :)
Cool! Good luck, guys😍