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Niesha ✌️& ❤️ reviewedWattagioPowerful battery informer and save power assistant for Mac

Visible, yet stays out the way. Nice UI and easy to read and understand.


None really, only thing that would be better is if it was free

Okay so I've only used it one day but I actually like it. I figured I'd download it for the free trial and that would be it but after my 14 days are up, I'm paying the $10 for the full version. Although I have a battery indicator on my MacBook, it only notifies me when I have 5% left. I love that Wattagio lets me know when I have about 25% or so left and then it also tells me how much time I have left so I can decide if I really need to plug my MacBook in. I also love the battery health meter readings. I have about 9 years left in battery life which is great as I would have had no idea otherwise. I also loves that it tells me which apps/software is using the most energy. This is a really simple program, but a very helpful one. I highly recommend downloading this if you have a MacBook!

It's been added to my list of must have apps. Now if I could only get one for my iphone

Niesha ✌️& ❤️ has used this product for one day.
Thanks for your review😊