Perfect control: the most important thing you carry.

Built for the future of work, Watson v.1 is the first model in our evolution.

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looks great but price is a bit high for plain fabric
@passingnotes hey David, there's a section on materials that you might've missed -- "Ballistic nylon, Italian leather, military hardware, NASA memory foam".
@etang20 sorry - missed that! what would be very cool is color mixes on the fabric and leather or nylon elements
Wow the attention to detail is impressive.
I fly at least twice a month and live and die by my backpacks which usually come from MEC in Canada. Came across this one today on Kickstarter and looks like it may just be the one for me. Backed it. Maybe you folks would like it too?
Looks stunning but really hope there's a grey/natural leather version. All black is too harsh for my fashion tastes.
I like the "no zipper" approach just like the North Face Access Pack