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I love watching designers work. @jonnotie created a timelapse video redesign of Product Hunt a year ago. It's fun to see his thought process as it evolves from a grid into its final form.
@jonnotie @rrhoover thanks again for the feedback. We're currently growing our Early Adopter user base from our first 25 to our first 100. Early Adopters commit to stream for 1 hour a week for 12 weeks. In exchange for their help building the community, they'll receive access to being a Featured Streamer for life. To become an Early Adopter, email me at
Wow, this is fantastic. I was toying with this idea a month or two ago and balked on doing any sort of prototype. I love that it exists, great job!
@nedrockson thanks. It's a really compelling idea, and it's great to receive this kind of feedback!
Looks cool. I love seeing the thought processes that go into things.
@Malcolm_Ocean, thanks. Our idea is to create an online co-working space for all types of work. We're starting with the creative space as it shows off the potential of the idea but we're encouraging users to share their process in all types of applications including coding and even 'real-life' applications (like carpentry or yoga).
Last Monday our indiegogo campaign went live. This weekend we reached 20% funding. Our goal today is to get to $5000!