Teaches kids (and adults) to properly wash their hands

Washem is a mobile app that teaches kids and adults how to wash their hands conform the handwashing instructions provided by the World Health Organisation (WHO).
Washem uses animations and a timer so anyone can follow along with the hand washing procedure.
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Hi there Product Hunters πŸ‘‹πŸ», // "Why would I need an app to tell me how to wash my hands?" πŸ€” The same thought would have gone through my mind. At least, before I learned how to properly wash my hands as instructed by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Now more than ever, washing hands has become a very important activity throughout the day. And in order to do it right, you need to scrub every part of your hands so you can disinfect them. At 39 years old I finally learned about the washing procedure as instructed by the WHO and found it to be a little difficult to explain to my kids. That's why I created Washem; it started out as a guide for my kids so they too, could learn to wash their hands properly. And they did ☺️. // How does Washem work? πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ« Using animations, brief instructions, and a countdown timer, Washem makes it easy to see and follow along as you learn how to clean your hands properly: 1. place your phone with Washem opened (at a safe distance) near the faucet 2. press "start wash" to begin the procedure 3. wash along with the animation for every step 4. the countdown timer shows how much time is left // Where can I get Washem πŸ“± - Washem is currently available on the Google Play Store for Android πŸŽ‰ - The iOS version has been rejected by Apple as they regard a handwashing app as "a Medical service" and I'm not a medical institute but an independent developer ☹️ "When someone does a small task beautifully, their whole environment is affected by it" - Jerry Seinfeld Take care and stay safe ❀️
Congrats on the launch!
@marcelhagedoorn thanks! Appreciate it
Super useful for getting washing your hands right. Especially if you're like me and have no sense of rhythm so that the tactic with singing doesn't work. πŸ˜…
@_pretzelhands πŸ˜… thanks. Music is a future option, for now the procedure was my focus πŸ™ŒπŸ»
Congrats on launching Edwin!
@rikschennink thanks for your support!