Wash Hands reminder tracker

Avoid Coronavirus COVID-19 according to health organizations

⏰ Reminds you to clean hands regularly
💦 Tracks how u wash hands
🎈Helps build a habit
⛵️ 30/60s modes for quicker or longer washing
🐠 Colorful animations to motivate u give your hands an extended rub
🌊 Water level is a counting down timer
💧 Quick & simple
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1 Review5.0/5
Hey Product Hunters! (thanks for hunting, Chris!) I’m an indie designer who needs an extra push to wash my hands regularly and properly! 🤦‍♂️ And given the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak, it's now or never! That’s why I decided to make a Wash Hands app, to help motivate myself & others! It features the best washing hands technique to avoid Coronavirus COVID-19 based on the World Health Organization instructions. I've turned the instructions into the colorful animated slides, so it's a bit more exciting! Also, it would be cool to hear what prevents you or your friends from cleaning hands regularly? 💦🤲
En estos tiempos puede resultar de mucha utilidad