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Hi everyone and thanks Seth for sharing Wantoo. We're really excited about this new version and would love your feedback. We think that Wantoo is the easiest way to manage feedback. When we were building the platform we approached the problem from the perspective of the person giving the feedback. We thought long and hard about the kind of feedback we wanted. We designed a system that standardizes inputs so they can be sorted, scanned, managed, and prioritized in the same way as items on a to-do list. We stripped out every distraction in the UI. Then we fed the feedback into algorithms, using machine learning to reduce duplicates and consolidate the data-set. We then designed a super intuitive management console that lets any team see what’s new and prioritize next steps. You can use it whenever you're collaborating with a group from finalizing a company tagline or determining a venue for an event, to planning an editorial calendar or gathering feedback from customers about products or experiences. Check it out and because we love PH we're offering everyone who signs up from here, 3 free months of our PRO version (worth $150). When you sign up, hit the little pink dot on the screen and enter PHRocks. Thanks for all the support everyone. Give it a try and let us know what you think! https://wantoo.io/signup/pro/ Thanks, Michael.
I've always had a tough time managing feedback on the many products that I'm creating. Wantoo takes care of that. The leaderboard functionality of collecting similar feedback feature along with the Trello board style approach to tackling what's next on the ToDo list. Very excited to see this product grow!
Used this product at Collision conference 2015 - so happy to see it progress to launch with lots of additional functionality! Best of luck guys.
@aymancork That's cool. You would have used a really early version. Hope you like the new features Ayman.
Would love your thoughts on Wantoo @rrhoover. You've built an incredible philosophy at Product Hunt around connecting and listening to passionate user communities for feedback ... Still integral to your process?
Hi guys I realise I'm late to the Wantoo party but I was excited to find you. I signed up and was saddened to see that I can't allow my users to add an idea without having to create an account at Wantoo.io. This is a terrible experience for my users and total deal breaker for me. I then looked on your own ideas board and I see that I am not alone. One of your top requested features is single sign on, as many people have the same concerns as me. I was doubly saddened to see that you only include SSO on your most expensive plan. This seems massively counter-intuitive to me. You would have a lot more folk signing up for the starter plan if you included SSO. It's basically a pre-requisite to using Wantoo for many startups, yet many startups can't stretch to your top plan. Anything to say regards my feedback? Cheers