Wantedly People

Transforms business cards into digital contacts with AI

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killer feature being able to scan 10 at a time.
@samir_doshi Thank you for trying out the app!
We are so happy to be hunted! Wantedly People already scanned more than 20mil cards after the launch 8 months ago. Please give it a try and give us feedback!
20M! Nice work, @acanocic and team. We've seen a few of these business card scanning apps. What makes this different from the others?
Hi @rrhoover , thank you for your question! We have built a technology that enables users to scan multiple business cards at once. It came really handy and people loved it!
What happens after the scan, where do you save the data ?
Hi @raphchabaud, thank you for your question! The data will be stored on your phone. If you create an account, you can backup the data on the cloud, and will be able to access them from desktop or other devices.
@acanocic I have been trying the app. Very snappy. Do you plan integrations and a way to export the data ?
@acanocic @raphchabaud I really need a feature to export my contacts to my google contacts.
Nice work @acanocic Can we connect to talk business?