Anonymous marketplace to switch jobs at your desired salary

There's no harm in seeing what other companies are prepared to pay you. Especially anonymously.
1) Set your desired salary
2) Drop your Linkedin/Resume
Wanted sends you job opportunities that commit to your desired salary. Stay anonymous until you interview.
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Hi Product Hunters! Thank you for checking out Wanted. We are super excited to launch on Product Hunt today πŸš€ We decided to build Wanted after being overwhelmed by InMails from recruiters on LinkedIn with very little or non-existent information. Our CTO Mario, for instance, who receives 10 to 15 InMails per day, had to go through 8 interviews at Facebook before finding out what salary they planned to offer him -- at which point he stopped the process. The truth is, nobody should accept the best damn job in the world if it doesn't pay the bills. πŸ’Έ On Wanted, companies commit to salary first -- not last. We reach out when you have an opportunity that matches your salary requirements, your experience, and your skills. You remain fully anonymous until you agree to interview. πŸ•΅οΈ You can actually try the company side on https://demo.getwanted.com πŸ™ƒ Last but not least, we strongly believe that's a great way to make sure you get paid what you deserve, regardless of your gender, race, or how much you click with the interviewer. We hope you enjoy Wanted as much as we enjoyed building it! πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Please share your thoughts and feedback with us, Jean πŸ₯°
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Brilliant idea! Salary is a great/obvious starting point to consider switching jobs, but obviously it'd be good to consider starting the conversation with other attractive aspects of a new job (maybe different subcategories like "set a salary you would switch jobs for", or "set a location you would switch jobs for" or "set a social impact you would switch jobs for", etc). Some people might respond better to the fact that they will be in a better position to contribute than in their current job (for their company, for their community, for humanity or for the planet), even if salary remains the same... Way to go Wanted!!!
@romainlavault Thank you Romain. At the moment these other aspects appear in the opportunity we send to talent. Up to them to reveal their profile to these companies or not ;)
Wow!! What a good idea!! This is revolutionary!!
@borjasanchez Thank you so much, glad you like it :)
A great product embodied by a very positive and skilled team. The execution is great as well. Very very strong ;-)
Sounds like finding a gap in the market to empower employers as well as professionals to look for their market worth...excited to see this up and running.
@jeremy_klayman thanks Jeremy for checking it out!